Graeme's Family Tree website, with photos and a full family tree.

BBC World War II Leads to stories of Tom Fraser's exploits in the RAF, in the Far East, for a lot of the time he was in 159 Squadron, C Flight. There's a great number of other Scots items on the BBC website, such as Scottish Roots, so have a look around. Also, there's a site on 159 Squadron and a very informative booklet on the "Special Flight" which involved my father.

Thomas Fraser Kandy Ceylon WWII with pineapple


Clan Rose still has its clan seat at Kilravock Castle, now a trust, there's tours and guest accommodation.

Clan Rose of America, the only Rose Clan Society I can find. Founded in 1969, there's a list of their US wide activities and links to other Rose sites.

Clan Rose Information, a interesting site ran by a Canadian Rose, genealogical information and links but beware the music, so keep your volume down.

A Mutch related site and there's much of them around, good search engine to find if you've any ancestors who married into a common North East name.

 Clan Fraser Society of Scotland & UK, the finest Clan Fraser site, with a full history of the clan, there's a number of links on the contact page, including one to the site of Lady Saltoun, who is Chief of the Name and arms of Fraser. There's genealogical information on the Don Fraser section, places for Frasers to visit, on the Fraser Connections pages, information on the database, there's The Shop for various member's discounts and much much more. CFSSUK CFSSUK
Australian Clan Fraser Society, sister Society to the The CFSSUK, with lots of Links, sub-links and information on the Clan.

New Zealand Clan Fraser Society, another sister Society to CFSSUK, similar information on the Clan but with a New Zealand angle.

Fraser Social Networking site, run by Andrew Oliver, a CFSSUK member. a great free way for all Frasers to network, a universal site for Clan members from all walks of life, all over the world to use and enjoy.

Fiddlers can be a joy to listen to and Alasdair Fraser is an even greater joy, for not only does he perform worldwide, solo but with other quality artists, as well as the band Skydance. His itinerary is on his website, so why not see if he's playing near you.

Famous Frasers Canadian based Fraser site, with Scots, Clan & family history, as well as the world's largest collection of Famous Frasers.

Fraser Armorial All the officially recorded Coats of Arms, in Scotland, for the name Fraser and some Septs families, a very unique site.
Fraser Californian Association, founded under official charter from the 17th Lord Lovat in 1964, an association for Frasers in California but the website is aimed to serve as an online resource for Frasers and Sept names of Fraser all all over the world. There's also many of Scots links to history and genealogy sites.

Fraser Family site by a Nick Coleman but with a copy of the Spalding Club papers on Fraser and Fraser of Lovat history, although, be careful Victorian historical writers can be inaccurate. Then take the link to his Home Page and there are some more Fraser pages.
Kilmorack Heritage Association, a community based society in the heart of Fraser of Lovat country. The Secretary, Sue Thomson and her husband John, of the Association, even live next door to the old seat of Fraser of Lovat, Beaufort Castle.

The Frasers a very long standing portal to a number of Fraser sites, there's also many links to Scots interest sites, such as Nessie, genealogy links with an interesting one on DNA and some sites of general interest to browse through.

Museums, there are quite a few and there's a long list on the CFSSUK's website under Fraser Connections but here's some of the important ones. The Fraser Room, in the Beauly Centre, seem to have shut. However, Beauly Priory and the ancient graves of Fraser of Lovat chiefs next door are still there, after all those centuries, Fraserburgh Heritage Museum, opened by Lady Saltoun and Fraserburgh Castle next door, now part of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, National Trust for Scotland's Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire and the Gordon Highlanders Museum, Aberdeen. In Canada the Jasper Yellowhead museum still has copies of Dr W C Taylor's, Highland Soldiers, a must for those interested in the history of The Lovat Scouts.

Sarah Fraser, wife of The Hon Kim Fraser, Lord Lovat's Uncle, is publishing a new biography on "The Old Fox", the famous Lord Lovat of the '45. Visit "The Last Highlander" website or join the blog at Facebook.

South Loch Ness an area of exceptional beauty, with strong connections to Clan Fraser and famous for its monster, who is probably a Fraser, as well.

Susan King, is mainly a romantic author, using Scotland as a backdrop and some of her books feature Fraser characters, as she has strong Fraser ancestry. However, she is a specialist in mediaeval history and has written a number of articles on Clan Fraser history.

Tweedie is a Sept of Clan Fraser and here's two good sites about that Clan The Tweedy Family and The Tweedie Archive

Clans on Canvas is an innovative site run by a Fraser Sandy Fraser.He takes a sample of your tartan, your crest badge, a brief clan history, painting of your clan seat, castle or memorial and frame it all together. 

 Aberdeen Archives exists to collect and preserve historical records relating to the City of Aberdeen and its locality and to secure significant modern records for future generations. It's an excellent archive run by Aberdeen City Council but its records go far further afield, into areas with a strong Fraser history. It's on the city council's website and if you click the Home tab, you'll find a host of interesting features, such as the city's webcams or weather. Awis cal, as they say up there.
Aberdeen & North East Scotland Family History Society, one of the foremost Scots Family History sites, it covers the old counties of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Morayshire & Kincardineshire, a main area for Fraser and Barron ancestry. There's a huge amount of information, links, including an advanced MI search and websites run by its members, such as the excellent one from David Walker, of the Midland ANEFHS group in England, covering the beautiful area of Glen Nochty, in Aberdeenshire.
Borders Family History Society, covers the Border counties (Roxburghshire, Berwickshire, Selkirkshire and Peeblesshire), in the south-east of Scotland where the first Frasers settled in the 12th century, and some Septs originate from here. Use this site to further your research by recording (free of charge) your surname interests, viewing others' interests, and searching the indexes to our publications for the surnames in which you're interested.

Dictionary of the Scots Language, contains two dictionaries of the Scots language, one Old Scots and one modern. An essential tool for scholars and modern day speakers alike. For those interested in the one of the world's oldest languages, Scots Gaelic, try MacBain's Dictionary, which also has a search function.

Federation of Family History Societies, based in England, yes they do have a heritage too, it's an educational charity, covering the British Isles, with its member societies in England, Wales and Ireland and is similar in purpose, I suppose, to the SAFHS. It produces a very good Ezine.

FreeCEN is the free UK census online project, started in 1999, it's growing all the time and will be one of the key access points to genealogical information. Linked to RootsWeb and, a lot of the work has been done by volunteers and the great thing is, it's free and will cover the UK censuses from 1841 to 1891, check out the site to see if your ancestors are online yet.

IGI search these Mormon collected records from the comfort of your own home for free, it includes access to the 1881 census but beware there are inaccuracies. However, it's a fantastic way to build your family tree before checking the real records.

Genealogy an excellent genealogy site, why not join in the search for Fraser ancestry at this Fraser genealogy forum or the Barron one, although the pop up is annoying.
General Register Office, holds the records of births, marriages, civil partnerships, deaths, divorces, and adoptions. They run the Census and use Census and other data to publish information about population and households and are the main source of family history records. Also visit the other sites I've marked with a saltire, National Archives, ScotlandsPeople, SCAN and Scottish Documents.

GenesReunited an offshoot of the incredibly successful FriendsReunited, it's now the biggest UK based genealogical website and it actually works,. It's free to use but there's a small annual charge if you want to upgrade.

Heraldry Society of Scotland, was founded in 1977 with the objective of promoting the study of heraldry and encouraging its correct use in Scotland and Overseas. The Society encourages people to join whether they have their own arms, intend to procure arms, or have a general interest in Scottish Heraldry. Our membership is made up of people from around the globe with many meeting regularly in the Society's very active Community Forum. Meetings are held several times during the year for lectures or visits to places of historic and heraldic interest, both in Scotland and in other countries. The Society is privileged to number many of Her Majesty's Officers of Arms among its members and a close liaison is maintained with The Court of the Lord Lyon.
 Highland Family History Society, this society covers an area where a high percentage of Frasers and many Barrons originate from, it was set up in September 1981 to promote the study of genealogy, family history and related subjects in the Highlands of Scotland. Details of how to join the Highland FHS and a full list of their publications will be found on the website.

Highland Council Archive, is responsible for locating, preserving and making accessible documents and other records relating to the history of the Highlands. Within Inverness Library there is a reference room dedicated to Family History Research. Here, the extensive collections of material which can be of assistance to anyone carrying out family history research are available. Ancestry Research centres are also located in the Council's Area registration offices.

My Forever Scotland, is a family run business that provides Genealogical and Historical Photography services, based in the Scottish Borders, a handy contact.
National Archives of Scotland, ignore the trashy "Mission Statement", you wonder who thinks these things up, the Archives is the keeper of the keys to Scotland's genealogical history. Also visit the other sites I've marked with a saltire, ScotlandsPeople, GRO, SCAN and Scottish Documents, they're all connected to each other.

Learning & Teaching Scotland, is the site you need to get youngsters interested in their Scots heritage. Sponsored by the Scottish Executive, the site has a bank of stimulating and innovative online resources to support the learning and teaching of Scottish history.

National Library of Scotland, is at the heart of Scotland's History and Culture, with millions of books, manuscripts and maps. Its title says it all and it's becoming more and more accessible online. Also, see their Scottish Screen Archives, there's some excellent clips to view.

Parish Chest is an interesting site, selling all you need to do your genealogical research.

RootsWeb reckons to be one of the world's largest websites for genealogical research, go to the Barron Forum or the Fraser Forum and see what's of interest or search the enormous site for other information.

Scot Roots seems to be the Scottish arm of there's a list of "old occupations", photos etc. and it doesn't have a joined up name.
 ScotlandsPeople is the official government source of records, it's the old Scottish Records Office, in Edinburgh, it's very advanced digitally and the essential site to visit to find your ancestors. There's everything you need from Births to Censuses but there are some charges, so prepare well to get full value from your credits and time periods. Also visit the other sites I've marked with a saltire, National Archives, GRO and SCAN, they're all connected to each other and are very relevant to any search for information.
Scottish Archive Network, SCAN, Scotland's online archive, with a growing number of participants, it can help you find where over 25,000 collections of historic records are, gives free access to digital records and the Scots currency convertor. See, also, their Scots Documents and Scots Handwriting sites and the other sites I've marked with a saltire, GRO, ScotlandsPeople, National Archives and Scottish Documents, they're all connected to each other.

Scotland's Gengenie, a small personally run Family History company, based in East Lothian.

Scottish Association of Family History Societies, the TUC or CBI of Scots Family History Societies, find any of them here, a great site to find a society in your area. Pity about the music though.

Scottish Genealogical Society was founded in 1953 to promote research into Scottish Family history, it has now progressed to the point of having it's own library and family history centre in Edinburgh's Auld Toon. Some interesting links on the site.

Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, Scran is a charity whose aim is to provide educational access to digital materials, some is free but there is a lot more information on subscription. There's a number of Fraser pages.

Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs is the definitive and authoritative body for information on the Scottish Clan System, as well as information on the Council itself, there's a considerable amount of detail on clans and septs.

TalkingScot is an electronic meeting place for those interested in Scots genealogy and heritage.

UK National Archives, for some reason the government wants to keep some Scots records in London (like they did with the Stone of Scone, for 700 years) e.g. Scots Armed Forces, so if you can't find what you want in the saltire marked sites, try here.

WhoIsHostingThis a site recommended by students at the W. B. Goodwin Community Centre in the States, they "really like how it explains the research process of determining what information is reliable in genealogy".


Aberdeen has Northsound1 and Northsound 2 to cover its local area, usual music, news, weather and chat but what you do get extra is news about the Dons.

BBC Radio Scotland, the nation's national radio with music, news, football (they sometimes block live football) and current affairs, excellent all rounder. Listen direct or through Real Player. Keep up to date with RSS Feeds, there's Podcasts, TV is on BBC Scotland and don't miss Scotland on Film.

Erin Radio is nothing to do with Scotland or even Ireland, as the name suggests, it's a small community radio in Toronto, which friends help to run. Well it is my website, isn't it, so my rules!

For fans of Andy Ross, his ceilidh can now be found on Andysceilidh however, if that link doesn't work he can be found on the Scots/Canadian station, Sounds of Scotland,

Scottish Television has it's own internet based channel, many UK programmes won't play abroad but Scotland on TV you can watch their programmes. There's features on all aspects of Scotland and you can even pick up the news.

Scotsmart has a fuller list of Scots radio companies.


Aberdeen University has a considerable amount of it's archives online. There's a number of historic collections accessible, including the Marischal Virtual Museum.
Alliance France-Ecosse Founded in Orléans, France, Alliance France-Ecosse strives to preserve the spirit of our Auld Alliance (the Franco-Scottish treaty signed in 1295) by promoting friendly, cultural and economical exchange between the two nations. The unique "Scots Road" history feature, on their website, is well worth a visit and will stretch even the most unsophisticated mind. There are strong ties with the CFSSUK.

Authentic Ireland & Scotland Travel has a lovely page on the history of Scotls kilts. while it seems to be an Irish American based company it also specialises in tours of Scotland.Also, thanks to Colorado tutors, who asked me to put this link up for a couple of their pupils.

Catswhiskerstours (yes that's not a spelling error, although my spell check thinks it is) arranges specialist, tailor-made tours of Scotland, including Roman, Castle, Battlefield or even Clan based ones.
CeCe's Scottish Desktop Themes, is a must for the techie, everything Scots and Celtic for your PC or Mac, including a Fraser wallpaper, what more could you want?

Electric Scotland holds over 20000 pages on the history of Scotland and the Scots, with numerous links to sites. There's a lot of information on Clans, there's a Fraser page and a Barron one, just use the Search function and a number of Scots Ecards in the Scotland section, including Fraser.

Gaelic Society of Inverness is an excellent site for news on Scots Gaelic, established in 1871 for the specific purpose of “cultivating the language, poetry and music of the Scottish Highlands and generally furthering the interests of the Gaelic-speaking people”. It has continued this work for over 130 years.

Gazetteer for Scotland, a cornucopia of information featuring details from bens to glens, especially helpful is the feature that allows you to obtain maps, old and new or photos of places.

Global Friends of Scotland is managed by the Scottish Executive, yes they are a bit ubiquitous, it shows how a small nation has had and still does have, such a huge impact on the world.

Great Scottish Clans is a new company that combines award winning talent in both writing and film production. They have began releasing a new series of films on DVD that will take you on a thrilling new journey into the history of the Great Scottish Clans.

Highland Traveller is a site for those wishing to travel round Scotland. There's a small clan and history section and they have clan Ecards, the Clan Fraser one is very good.

Historic Scotland is responsible for many of Scotland's main historic castles, religious establishments and monuments, which vary from the world famous Edinburgh Castle to the Stone Age houses at Skara Brae, Orkney to Dallas Dhu Distillery, Forres. It's under the remit of the Scottish Executive and along with the National Trust for Scotland, must be one of the world's foremost keepers of a countries physical history.
based in Clydebank, this a handy online site, using a number of suppliers, covering other Scots products, as well as kilts.

National Trust for Scotland is different to Historic Scotland in that it's a charity/trust. It's there to protect and promote Scotland's natural and cultural heritage and is responsible for an amazing amount and variation of places, from Culloden Battlefield to the beautiful Castle Fraser, where you can find a memorial tree to my late son Brodie

National Flower although this is a florist site, the mention of the Thistle, the country's National flower, is worth a mention, also, I was asked to put this on the website by Kenzie, as part of her school project in Salt Lake City

Public Profiler formerly CASA then National Trust Names, is a surname profiler site, to find more about your name's history just click onto the surname search page and away you go.

Peoplefinders a useful genealogical tool, sent to me by the pupils at Pine Mountain Central School district.

Rampant Scotland, for everything about Scotland, the largest directory of Scottish-Related web pages, plus feature articles on all aspects of Scotland and the Scots. There's over 3,000 web pages, on Scottish related interests, even recipes and over 12,000 Scots links, read about Scotland's history or view its present, on the webcam guide. You can also read the weekly Scottish Newsletter by "Scottie" or subscribe to the free text version.

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, the name alone needs its own page, is obviously the body responsible for Scotland's monuments. It is a fascinating site, despite the title.
ScotClans - A guide to the Clans and Tartans of Scotland: From Scottish Clan Information to Clan Merchandise, Handmade Kilts and Highland Outfits is a small family run business, it's partly an information source, with sections on Scots Clans and History and the commercial side helps to support this. There's a good selection of items, including Fraser and Fraser of Lovat ones.

Scots Language Society aye ettles ti pit forrit a feckfu case for the Scots language in leiterature, drama, the media, education an ilka day uiss. Sen Scots wis aince the state language o Scotland, an is aye a grace til oor national leiterature, it lies at the hert o Scotland's heirskep. Hae a keek at the wabsteid, bit tak tent o the mannie spikin. There's the Scots Language Centre an a, as weel as the Scots Project wi the dictionary.

Scotland Made Easy is a Nairn based firm specialising in bespoke holidays in Scotland and has a sister company covering France, handy for the first time or busy visitor.

Scottish Tartans Authority the name itself really explains what it's all about. A registered charity, I got fed up counting the numerous Fraser tartans they have on register, so maybe you could have a different kilt for each day of the week? You can also have the pleasure of playing with their Tartan Ferret, just the job, for your kilt. Doctor Nick Fiddes, a Governor of the Authority has also produced a free book all about the kilt, in a 54 page PDF File, which can be downloaded. Also, try the similarly named Scottish Tartans Society.

Scottish Tourism is headed up by VisitScotland, another of these names with no space in the middle and a useless capital letter. If you want accommodation, what to see or anything about Scotland it's there, at the Scotland's National Tourist Board site.
The Simpsons, the world's most dysfunctional family but why name them after a Sept of Clan Fraser? There's a number of reasons given but have you noticed one of the executives is called Simon, another Sept name, is he the real reason behind the name and if the Simpsons aren't of Scots origin, why have Gardener Willie in the programme? I've tried to get answers to these questions but to no avail, so till someone proves otherwise, I'm claiming them as Frasers.

French FlagSomme Battlefield Pipe Band is an incredible tribute to those Scots and their regiments who fought in France in the two World Wars, a very poignant look at an aspect of the Auld Alliance.

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